You hold your cat as the apple of your eye and would you like to know if he is at your side? If you observe some of these signs (or all), the answer should be “yes”!

Failing to speak with words, the cat speaks with us through behaviors and mimicry as adorable as difficult to understand. However, be aware that if you spot one of the signs below, it means that you have no worries about their well-being at your side

1.Your cat looks at you, slowly blinking
Imagine the scene: you sit quietly drinking your tea and your cat sits in front of you with your ears flat on your head. He stares at you, his eyes blink gently as your eyes meet. No, he does not try to coax you to try to sip your nectar. On the other hand, he lets you know that he is relaxed and that your presence is far from annoying him.

2. Your cat is doing your toilet (and his own)
The cat is a precious animal that enjoys feeling good about itself. He never misses an opportunity to take care of his soft fleece. When he replicates this behavior on you, he shows you that he is happy, trust you and esteem you as one of his.

3. Your cat gives you presents
He goes out and brings you prey, does not go out and offers you dumplings? Your cat is good with you and you treat as a peer that you must help to hunt. Yes, even if he is domesticated!

4. Your cat lies on his back in front of you
A cat that shows his belly is a cat that trusts. By revealing himself to you, he shows you that he feels loved and protected.

5. Your cat exposes you his posterior
We agree , this dive on the intimate parts of her cat is never very pleasant to live. However, it is his way of telling you that he is happy with you and wishes to show you all his affection.

6. Your cat is rubbing against your head or your legs
During this exchange, the cat puts pheromones on you. These kinds of hormones reflect a strong sense of trust in you.

7. Your cat purrs wisely
A signal of well-being par excellence, purring usually occurs when the cat is extremely relaxed. It is his way of making his master understand that he is taking full advantage of the present moment. However, to excess, this behavior may mean that your cat is stressed and therefore seeks to reassure himself.

8. Your cat kneads you and lies down on you
By “pouncing” on you, your cat makes you understand that he is able to totally let go by your side. And when he falls asleep close to you: feel honored. It makes you the most beautiful compliments …

9. Your cat is active and player
A good cat in his body and in his head is a cat who never hesitates to play with you when you offer him the possibility. Especially since this act can only bring you closer!

10. Your cat has a good appetite
As logical as it is important: a happy cat is a cat who does not balk at his bowl. As long as he has a taste for life at your side and will be in good health, he will always welcome the moment of the feast with undisguised pleasure!


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