Finally decided to adopt new health resolutions, you plan to return to sport? Whatever the activity practiced (BodyArt, Boxing, Bodypump ™), Here are 4 tips for getting started.

Tip # 1: Choose the right fitness activity

Do you like dancing? Opt for Zumba®. Lift loads makes you feel good? Try a Bodypump ™, Grit Force ™ or Bodysculpt class. Clearly, to be motivated and remain, Nothing like a fun fitness activity.

Tip # 2: Follow a schedule of 2 to 3 weekly fitness sessions

Join a sports club, that’s good. Go there every week is better. And studies prove it. To be beneficial, as much on the organs, the tension, as on the morale, the sport must be practiced in a regular way. The must: alternate stimulation by mixing the types of efforts with, for example, a Grit cardio ™ course at the beginning of the week (for endurance) followed by a Pilates session in the middle of the week (for muscle building) and a Bodybalance ™ course before the weekend (for flexibility). Note: several short sessions spread over the week are better than one session.

Tip # 3: go there gradually and listen to his body

In fitness or bodybuilding, the ruler of the beginner is the same. We start in a moderate way to avoid demotivation, worse, the injury. The right tip for solo activities (weight training, functional training …): always start your session with a warm-up (10 to 15 minutes) on cardio equipment (sitting bike, elliptical, rower) and finalize a return to calm embellished with stretching. The most collective lessons: whatever the activity practiced (CX Worx ™, RPM ™, Sprint ™, yoga Strala …), the concepts taught in the Pur (e) Geneva gym include all warm-up and stretching. To do in case of doubt: we do not hesitate to see his doctor attending the recovery.

Tip # 4: Do not focus on weight

To all those who aspire to lose weight in the recovery, read on! It is common that the resumption of a sports activity leads to a slight weight gain. This phenomenon occurs in the first weeks, when the muscle grows as a result of repeated efforts. Concomitantly, the appearance of the skin changes. The tissues get firmer and the muscles become curved. No need to stress at the sight of a scale that oscillates in the wrong direction. Especially since this initial effort has the effect of increasing the basic metabolism. The very one that makes us burn calories at rest.


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