The perfect couple is the one who knows ups and downs but who continue to love each other. When a man is facing a difficult time in his romantic relationship, he closes and becomes clumsy. As soon as some girls have problems, they will confide in their girlfriends. Men hate to expose their intimate life.

Here are 5 behaviors that men hate above all in a woman.

Talk about her intimate problems to everyone.
Women can talk about their personal lives on social networks. They lament because of the behavior of their friends. Of course, this is not the case for all girls. But if you do, it means that you are on the list of boring women. Men hate to expose their intimate life.

Refuse to make love to your husband when he wants to.
Men do not like being repulsed by their darlings. According to the male, “to satisfy his man when he wants to avoid the male infidelity,” even if sometimes we register insatiable.

Drink alcohol and smoke
Most men prefer that their girlfriends do not smoke or consume alcohol excessively. They want to have non-alcoholic, good-natured women with whom to build their homes.

Complain and be negative
Men would like to have understanding women who do not complain all the time in order to change the behavior of their partner. They want companions who are understanding, sweet, funny and who encourage their men.

Too sexy to go out
In love, the man is as jealous as the woman, but we can say “a little more” than the woman. Men dream of an elegant, presentable woman. They are afraid of having an ultra sexy woman who is approached by everyone because of her attractive style. They prefer that their wife inspires the respect of all in public and is the joy of her eyes in their zone of intimacy that is to say in private.
Men present themselves as virile beings, but you must know that they have an unexplored sensibility. In the daily life sometimes tumultuous, a good dose of sweetness, love brought by the woman as well as good way could be beneficial in order to strengthen the love relationship.


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