Sleep is of paramount importance for physical and mental health. You have trouble falling asleep, you have restless nights? Here are 5 tips to easily fall in the arms of Morpheus …

Feng Shui: watch the disposition of your room

Feng Shui is a lifestyle of Chinese origin that focuses on the development of the environment to optimize the flow of energy and promote the well-being of the individual. The layout of the bed, for example, is very important: the head of the bed should be against a wall, to the north if possible. The feet of the bed should not ideally be in front of a door. Deco level, bet on the softness for your bedroom: rounded furniture, white or pastel colors, light or soft materials such as wood, cotton, wool. For a Zen atmosphere, the lighting should be screened preferably and screens (television, computer, …) are banned.

Sport, your relaxation ally!

If you suffer from insomnia, stress or anxiety: sport can become your best ally. By spending your energy on physical activity, you will help your muscles relax, lower your blood pressure and feel better in your body … and in your head. To sleep well, prefer endurance sports: running, swimming, cycling or walking will allow you to evacuate stress and relax.

However, be careful with the schedule of your training: it is better to play sports in the morning or during the afternoon. Avoid intense exercise in the evening: it is estimated that it takes about 90 minutes for the excitement generated by the sport to fall.

An airy room

Be sure to air your room morning and evening to avoid indoor pollution. The brave ones will spend the night with the window open, the best way to keep the air in the room. Ideally, the temperature of the chamber should oscillate between 16 and 20 °. The more cautious can slip a hot water bottle under the duvet to have warm while keeping the fresh air in the room.

Choose the appropriate bedding

To sleep well, the choice of bedding is essential: a good mattress, box spring and pillow will help you avoid backaches or joints. Knowing that we spend about a third of our time in our bed, it is better to take good care …

If you tend to sweat at night, make sure the mattress wicks away moisture and provides good ventilation. Also choose sheets made of light materials, such as cotton.

These plants that relax

Nature is home to small miraculous plants that will help you sleep. Chamomile soothes the nervous system, linden relaxes, passionflower is an excellent anti-stress, traditionally used against depression and insomnia. Hawthorn calms anxieties and promotes the arrival of sleep. In short, you are spoiled for choice. The ideal is to consume them in herbal tea, a small relaxation ritual before going to bed.


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