Laziness is not very well seen unfortunately. But as they say, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The woman is part of it, especially when we live as a couple. Here’s why you must love lazy girls.

They save you money in your outings …

Because they prefer TV nights, your wallet will be better. What’s the good of going out while staying at home, you spend less money and less energy. The lazy girl is not demanding, know it!

They save you time when you decide to go out …

With the lazy girl you will not have to wait an hour until she is ready to leave. A ponytail, jeans, a t-shirt … In 5 minutes it is ready! Perfect as nana, no?

She will not put you under pressure to go to the gym …

A lazy girl will not tell you what to do. She likes to do nothing so it would be a little easy, and cheeky, to try to lead the lifestyle of her half.

She will not drag you to the shops for shopping.

People, the tail at the fitting room, waiting at the checkout … That’s not too much of it! In fact, if she wants to have fun in clothes, she will order directly on the internet: at home, alone, and without the endless waiting to pay.

Sunday is the holy day of laziness.

Sunday is sacred to her: it’s the day we do NOTHING. This is the only day where you can really hang out in bed and recover from your week so she will be thrilled to do it as a lover. Nothing better than Sunday to meet two!

She loves double showers

The flemish girl likes to receive cuddles and pampering. So two in the shower, the atmosphere is good. She will never refuse you a shower in love!

So, being lazy, would not it be a quality in the end? Meditate on it gentlemen. A lazy woman is much less headstrong than we think.


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