As adorable as your faithful cat is, he remains a living being with his language, his desires, his tastes, and his moods …

More social creators than social networks, guarantors of our health both physically and mentally and more effective (sometimes) than our doctors but also, true masters of life for the youngest … the benefits of pets are multiple. It is therefore easy to understand why more than one home in two in the USA is lucky enough to own one. And needless to say that in the lot, cats have the share!

They purr, are independent (more or less), know (all the time) to be cuddly … in short, they make us crack. But we are often far from imagining that some of our actions can be clumsy towards them. Also, here are 7 little things to do under no pretext in their presence!

1.Use violence / be aggressive

A cat does not get educated, it gets conditioned. Also, shouting over and / hitting it is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. It’s a marathon, you’ll have to be patient and act with him as his mother would: when you take him to distrust, stop him firmly by remaining calm and say “no”! You can also touch the tip of his chamfer with your index finger as the cat would do the flat of his leg. He will eventually understand …

2.The scolding in case of peeing

The cat who is urinating out of bed can have several problems such as stress, fear, the need to mark his territory, dirty litter or a health concern. Also, putting your head in it or screaming at it would only destroy your relationship and would not help the situation. Surround yourself with professionals to identify the cause and act accordingly.

3. Remove his bowl of food
Domesticated for much less than the dog, the cat has kept its hunting habits. As a result, it eats more often, but only when small quantities are added. Also, remember to avoid as much as possible to give him cow’s milk!

4. To impose too many prohibitions
As said above, a cat does not get educated, it is conditioned. From there, understand that if he manages to integrate certain things, he will not integrate everything: a cat, being independent that he is, remains stubborn and proud.

5.Forcing him to make/receive cuddles
Do you know the cat’s prayer to his master?

“Do not take me for a slave,
Because I have a taste for freedom.
Do not try to guess my secrets,
Because I have a taste for mystery.
Do not force me to caress,
Because I have a taste for modesty.
Do not humiliate me,
Because I have a taste for pride.
Do not abandon me,
Because I have a taste for fidelity.
Know how to love me, I will know how to love you
Because I have a taste for friendship. “

A cat remains an independent being with his desires and moods. Do not forget it…

6. Cut his mustaches
Also called whiskers, these allow the tomcat to detect the variations of the air to identify possible prey, measure the width of a space but also to show his emotions …

In case of a fall, the whiskers grow back. Nevertheless, all the time of the regrowth he will be more clumsy …

7. Use essential oils
More and more common in our daily lives, these are not good for our feline friend. And for good reason, if our body eliminates their misdeeds through the enzyme called “glucuronyl tranferase”, the matou – him – does not produce it. Marie-Hélène Bonnet, behaviorist specialist of the cat reminds indeed that “2 drops are the maximum that the liver of the cat can accept in a year not to be put in danger! That is 0.005 drops per day. At this dosage, essential oils are not powerful enough that their virtues are useful for us. “


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