The choice of the breed of your dog must take into account several factors:

1. The aesthetic evaluation
Opt for the dog breed that you like most or, if it is a crusader, choose one of which you appreciate the appearance, without following the fashion and especially without neglecting to evaluate its character.

2.The use you want to make
If you want a watchdog, you will orient yourself towards large breeds, faithful and obedient. You will choose among those that are known and widely used for this purpose. If you opt for a less widespread breed, find out more about his skills (defense dog, assistance dog, shepherd dog, hunting dog and so on) and how it is used in other countries. ‘origin.

3.The environment in which he will have to live
For example, if it is an apartment, sheepdogs are not recommended because they need large spaces for exercise.

4.The time you can devote to his toilet
If you work all day and have little time, do not choose dog breeds that need to be brushed daily.

5.The composition of the family unit
If you have young children, look for a dog breed that is patient and prone to submission.

6. The money you plan to spend
Purebred dogs are expensive, so this aspect must also be taken into consideration.

7. The time you can devote to it
Dogs of all races are social animals, living in groups and helping each other. That’s why it’s so important to have time for your four-legged companion. It’s not enough to walk him five minutes three times a day: you have to play with him, find a way to get him involved in your life.

8.Physical activity
There are more sedentary breeds or those whose activities can take place in the house, especially because of their small size. Others need to run outdoors (hunting dogs, shepherds, etc.).


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