Everything is not good to say by SMS. Sometimes, we send a text message that we regret later to have done, because containing hasty or even offensive responses. Even if your spouse is not at your side and the need to communicate something to him/her is very urgent, you have to know reason. To avoid falling into this trap of messages, BUZZMAG reveals to you the 8 types of messages to never write by sms to your darling .

1- Never complain in an SMS

Under the influence of anger, you can be animated with a desire to send a bloody sms to your spouse. This is not a very good attitude because very often, he or she does not know what to answer. If, on the other hand, he or she decides to follow up on your text, it could cause a dispute between you. Even if the answer is tempered, you will be able to blame him/her for taking the question that lightly tempers your mind and thus frustrates it.

So it would be best to wait to see him/her , and talk to him/her calmly.

2- Never insult him/her by SMS

Behind the phone, you can have more courage to say certain insanities than face the person. It must be said, however, that sooner or later we will have to explain ourselves or apologize. To send insults to his partner, no matter what he has said or done before, is not a good idea. In case of problems, it is necessary to prefer the dialogue to the scrambles because they give an immature image and can spoil the atmosphere.

3- Do not apologize by SMS

In a couple, the reconciliations are a special moment, so you should not do them by SMS. It should be used to rekindle the flame of love you swore. After a missed appointment, a fight, do not hastily make a long sms to apologize. Even if you can do a little word to explain, bring back during a visit or make him/her a surprise.

4- Do not ask him/her for an explanation by SMS

Behind his phone, he can give you an explanation that may not convince you. When you have differences and there is uncertainty in the story, keep calm, but also your patience. It is better to wait for your meeting if possible to ask for explanations.

5- Do not make him/her an important announcement by SMS

“I’m pregnant” or “I’m going to China next week” have no place in an SMS. When you have an important announcement to make, enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere. Indeed, when sending the SMS, your spouse can be very busy and forget to answer you. There, an argument could burst for neglecting your ad. It is therefore to be avoided.

6- Do not say complex things by SMS

SMS are made to have brief conversations that can not wait. So we should not open a philosophical or political debate by SMS. It would be better for you to wait to see your spouse, because that would make you a topic of conversation. If, moreover, it is thousands of miles away from you, you could discuss it by video call, or by phone.

7- Do not send personal information by SMS

Even if you trust your lover, never send personal information via SMS. Your bank details, erotic pictures could fall into the hands of hackers or curious who could harm you.

8- Do not tell him/her your secrets by SMS

Finally, the last thing to avoid saying by SMS, these are your secrets. In general, if you come to tell your secrets to your lover, it is because you trust
him/her . The best way is to do it in the face to further strengthen your links.


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