Sometimes it’s hard to understand your spouse, because we communicate and think differently. According to Family Life, it is important that couples do not lose the intimacy that existed between them before marriage.

Therefore, it is important to always listen to your partner’s point of view instead of judging and drawing unnecessary conclusions that could later ruin your marriage.

Here are some tips to put a little spice in your marriage and relearn to love as the first day

Always apologize and forgive

In a couple, when someone feels offended, they have to sit down and talk about it. It helps rebuild trust and maintain calm in the family. After solving the problems, it is advisable that no one clings to the past, but let go of anger, hate and bitterness. When you are wrong, you must always apologize. This creates a healthy relationship.

Always be compliments

A good relationship means that you love your partner physically, emotionally and mentally. Learn to compliment yourself every day because the things that make your spouse attractive have the power to arouse emotions.

Make communication a priority

Healthy communication is the foundation of any relationship. Just as everyone communicates differently, we should all learn to understand each other. It’s knowing the right way to talk to your partner. Listen carefully to your partner and maintain eye contact.

Always exchange love messages

Make it a habit to send an SMS to your partner in the morning and remind them that you like it. You can also write love letters and put them in your partner’s bag. He or she will find it when he / she arrives at work.

Always lie down together

Always go to bed together. Even if you have to wait until your partner finishes with his or her tasks of the day before going to bed, do it. Going to bed at the same time creates time for conversations on the pillow.

Wake up the good old memories

It’s important to wake up memories that will help you laugh out loud. Remember all the crazy things you did together. This will motivate you to have fun again.

Embrace yourself as before

We can all remember how in the beginning it was possible to sit on the couch and kiss for hours. This can change with time. But to keep the flame alive, learn to kiss your partner when you come home from work, when you go out and when you are in the car.

Give everyone time

Do not be too busy to forget your partner. Always create time for both of you. Go out and share your weekly experiences.

Be spontaneous

Always do one more thing for your spouse. This can be a surprise dinner or a holiday for two. You can also give yourself gifts. Knowing what you like and want is very important in a relationship.


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