You had promised to play sports that day. Only here, the day before was rich in excess of all kinds and you wake up with a hangover. What to do ? Here are our expert answers.

Doing a physical activity a day after a party is a great idea if, and only if, you feel capable. And if we do a low intensity activity. Dr Pascal Douek, sports nutritionist, explains: “It is not a good idea if you are preparing for a sporting performance. After a drunken evening, the body reacts to a significant alcohol consumption. He will eliminate a lot of water and we will be dehydrated. However, dehydration can be dangerous during physical exertion because we risk getting hurt or hurt ourselves. Rule # 1: listen to your body.

How do you know if you can do sports?
If we have drunk too much, wake up with dry mouth, headaches and smeared stomach, we are absolutely not in conditions to lead an intense exercise session. It is better to stay at home and rest or walk outside to wake up your body.

What sport to practice?
“Keep in mind that no matter which practice is selected, the exercise should be enjoyable and not go into intensity. You can opt for a stretching session that will allow you to relax without over-shaking your body or a light running session, “explains Thomas, fitness coach for the TrainMe app. Indeed, a rather soft physical activity will help eliminate alcohol to better recover. Walking, hiking, swimming … as long as you go at your own pace and do not put your body to the test.

Before you even consider exercising, you should sleep well – at least 7 or 8 hours. Otherwise, it may be dangerous. Second precaution to take for a good preparation? If moisturize. “It is said that the body eliminates 1L of water for 4 glasses of alcohol”, reminds us the sports doctor. Ideally, we think the day before to drink well water before bedtime. The next day, same fight. “Remember to drink when you wake up and aim to arrive on the session without the feeling of thirst which is a real signal of prevention of your body,” recommends the coach. We therefore drink before, during and after the session, regularly all day to eliminate toxins. Finally, we do not play sports on an empty stomach: we take a good breakfast with a drink, a fruit, a dairy.

Third condition: warm up. You must not jump out of bed and put on your sneakers when you have been excessed the day before. “Otherwise all the conditions are there to get hurt, to feel unwell or if you have a bad physical condition, to risk a cardiac complication. Alcohol is a poison for muscles and tendons, “warns Pascal Douek. It is thought to warm up and stretch gently but long before launching.

We avoid anything that is irritating at the digestive level. “No steak/fries or sauerkraut a day after a party,” advises the sports nutritionist doctor. Easy-to-assimilate foods such as pasta, rice, and proteins like white ham or poultry are preferred. It takes a light meal that puts the stomach to rest. The trick of the coach? A lemon juice that will bring a detox side without disrupting digestion.


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