No need to have studied psychology or sociology to recognize a man bewitched by the beauty of a woman.

Men are hunters, they do not resist the beauty and sensuality of women. The charm is one of the assets of the woman. Most women are aware of this and use it to achieve their ends.

Others do not need to use it to attract men to them. Nature has given them to them.

Do you want to know if a man is attracted to you? Read this article that show you four signs that a man is under your spell.

1-The look
According to body language experts, our body unconsciously reveals our mood and emotions.

When a man is attracted by a woman, it is surprising to look at her. The next time this happens, give him a piercing look in order to make eye contact.

2- The behavior
If a man listens carefully to you no matter what you are telling him, he is captivated by your charm.

3- Touching
It’s very easy to know what’s going on inside a man when physical contact happens. If a man is secretly attracted to a woman, in his presence he will have trouble touching the hand. Even braces become a concern for the latter. The worst it will release a sense of discomfort.

4- his attitude
He feels nervous just about talking to you and looking at you in the face. During the appointment, starts playing with his keychain or any object on the table. These are simply attitudes that reflect his attraction to you.


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