Gray complexion, dark circles, drawn features … It is well known, fatigue is seen on the face. The good news: some beauty tips help you look better!

Staying fresh like the morning dew, even in times of overwork, it’s possible. The secrets of our three beauty experts to quickly find radiance and good looks.

Massage her face

For Joëlle Ciocco, epidermologist, “it is difficult to say how to track down a sign of fatigue in particular because fatigue tends to mark genetic defects. For one, it will be dark circles or bags under the eyes. For the other, wrinkles on the forehead or loss of skin tone. “

Here’s what she recommends 24 hours before an event:

Drink detox herbal tea: thyme, rosemary, or lemon with pieces of fresh ginger. It’s good for the complexion.

Eat light: the ideal is to fast the night before and eat light the same day. Avoid over-rich foods, sugar, and alcohol, which blur the complexion.

To remove makeup twice, the skin at night, All duets are possible: cleansing milk twice in a row, soap + cleansing oil …

Make a mask with a generous texture, then massage your face. Take 3 min, going from the bottom up, and stimulating the underlying skin and muscles: eye, lip, etc. “Massage your face for 3 minutes, nothing better for the shine! “ensures the epidermologist.

The same day, before getting ready, sit on a chair and tip your head down to get the blood down and irrigate the whole face. Stay a few seconds, and stand up slowly.
For radiance: rinse the eyes with saline.

Opt for a haircut and volume

To look less tired, the cup must have volume and be clear, says the hairdresser Stéphane Macquaire. For example, a dark, straight, flat cut – the small Louise Brooks square – is typically the cut that accentuates fatigue. Conversely, blur and volume energize the face, and are brought by a degraded cut.

Should I wear a bangs? Yes and no. If the eyes tend to be encircled or poached, a straight fringe will only emphasize them, and mark fatigue. But a soft fringe, degraded on the side, will have the opposite effect and will lighten the features.

On the color side, all the warm tones soften and give light, when the cold tones harden and give the tired look. For a blonde: choose golden tones or honey. For a brunette: go to highlights hazelnut or cinnamon.

Namely: a face is not symmetrical. He often has an introverted side and another extrovert. The idea is to accentuate this open side. The movement will be played in the gradient, an emphasis on half-lengths and spikes, including a work of reflections and coloring.

At home, to work the blur side: after shampooing, first smooth the hair to give them holding, then take the wicks around the face, twisting them to give them movement.

Do not force on makeup

“To refresh your complexion, you must first hydrate well,” advises the make-up artist Angélik Iffennecker. A tired skin is dehydrated. This precision made, here’s how to highlight his face.

Apply a tensor base, to be applied to clean skin after care cream. Objective: to bring a lifting effect.
Put as little as possible of make-up, because a tired skin takes less good makeup. In summary of what will follow: to make a nice complexion, a light make-up on the look, and a color focus on the mouth.

For the complexion: after having applied its usual foundation, put points of light with an illuminating pen. Or? On the vein of the inner corner of the eye – which we do not see when we are in front of the mirror – then points of light on the outer corners of the eyes, on the nasolabial folds, a point in the center of the chin, one in the middle of the eyebrows, at the level of the “third eye”. Tap gently while blending the material without erasing it.
For the eyes: it is not the moment, when one is tired, to have a smoky look. Ask only a beige or nude shadow. Reassemble the eye without overloading it, that is to say, brush the eyebrows upwards and if necessary, emphasize them in pencil: lightening effect ensured. Then, work the lashes with mascara up and out. Do not powder the pawpaw.
For the mouth: on smooth lips and, they too, well hydrated, dare a bright color, for example, a beautiful bright red.


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