Taken on a case by case basis, cats are different and do not like the same things. To prove to your cat that you love him passionately enough to know his desires and what he loves above all.

Generally, cats are tempted by three things: hugs, food, and play. Communication is a very important foundation in the relationship you have with your pet. But above all, do not forget that the cat does not like to be forced and to bend to your four wishes.

Give her hugs
To give hugs to his animal is essential, especially if it is him who claims them! Cuddling on the couch at night while falling asleep, or in the morning when waking up. If it does you good for you by de-stressing you with the ronrontherapy , it will appreciate even more your gesture of affection.

Nevertheless, all cats are not very cuddly and do not appreciate that we are too tactile. If a cat feels oppressed or forced he will seek to flee or become aggressive, even if you leave permanently!

Do not hesitate to get to know the behavior of your cat to know if he likes cuddles or not.

Give him treats
We can obviously consider offering her cat treats that are reserved only for moments of tenderness. These may mean that you thank him for being there for you every day and that you want to please him.

However, do not forget that a surplus of treats could make your cat obese … so distribute them in moderation!

Try to play with him
If your cat is a player, do not hesitate to offer him some games! The latter can only adore these special moments with you. Especially since having fun with two will be perfect to establish a beautiful relationship between you and your pet!

Talk to him
Talking to your pet to reassure him, to tell him how it feels for him, to tell him about his day or to explain to him what has upset us is very important. As for a human relationship, sharing is the key

Do not leave him alone for too long
A house cat suffers terribly from loneliness. Already only the week because of your work, it is often set aside during weekends, during your outings or stays outside! If you do not want to ask him to face his number one enemy who is loneliness, you can get him used to being part of your travels!

To go further, do not hesitate to take a look at our section devoted to the happiness of cats!


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