Every winter, the report is the same. The awakening is difficult, putting his feet out of bed is like a torture and the morning is punctuated by a lack of motivation … This gear has an explanation and here are the solutions to remedy it.

The sweet sunny mornings and summer are already distant memories. Winter is here. And if fashion side we are ready to face the greyness and temperatures that flirt with the negative side morning rhythm, the rising is getting worse and worse. At the heart of the cold season, hard to resist the urge to stay warm in bed. An almost contagious phenomenon that affects a large part of the population. explanations

We are sensitive to changing seasons. While in summer our shape is in good shape, in winter the batteries are flat. “We are among the mammals, closer to the bear than the groundhog. It does not hibernate, it winters. The nuance is fine: the bear slows down in winter , but does not completely sink into lethargy. Explains Claude Gronfier, researcher at INSERM in the chronobiology department, Unit 846 to our colleagues in Psychology. And the facts are there. In winter sleep time does not necessarily increase. On the other hand, we stay warm longer, whether in our bed or cocooning mode under a plaid for example.

The drop in brightness has an impact on our body and on our state of mind. The transition to winter time, the short days and the decrease of the time of exposure to the sun are all factors that impact our rise. Result we are early morning unmotivated and lack of efficiency. This is felt all day on our productivity. Moreover, the lack of sun can induce vitamin D deficiency.

Temperature. It is important to measure the ambient heat of our apartment and especially the room in which we spend the night. In winter we are tempted to increase our heating to the maximum. Fault. Although it is cold outside, it is recommended to sleep in an environment not exceeding 18-20 ° C and to favor the thickness of duvet if one is chilly. Respecting this threshold allows you to have a good night’s sleep and to wake up more easily.

To get out of bed despite the cold, it is necessary to establish an unstoppable ritual. To get up on the right foot, it is necessary to sleep in good conditions, an often neglected aspect. In order to sleep well, we go to bed at a fixed time and we prepare our things the day before. Moreover, do not hesitate to ventilate his room a few minutes before going to sleep. An ideal gesture to oxygenate the room.

If the alarm is difficult we can opt for a light therapy lamp. It simulates the effects produced by the sun’s light source.

In the morning, the shower wakes us up gently and fights the feeling of cold. Finally, on the diet side, we offer a well thought breakfast to bring us the necessary energy. If deficiencies are detected, after consultation with a health professional, you can follow a cure of vitamins.


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